How sports car promote new product without banner stands

PS3 video games with NISSAN sports car, the main commodities of the other new products to each other, to be a rare case in the marketing sector. Performance of the sports car, designed to publicity, and both an eye-opener.

“If you see the GT-R’s advertising in a banner stand or on television, it would be regarded as failure!” The new French nationality CEO Carlos Ghosn took over in 2001, the Japanese Nissan (NISSAN) car, its many years of not facelift GT-R supercar developed product line re-start, and internal project meetings, issued such a directive.

For advertising, marketing personnel, the command is so simple, yet so difficult. This is not that creative vitality of these “professionals” suddenly troubled trip usually good at media use, and start all over again to sell super sports car.

Having said that, this GT-R sports car to what he is selling point? In marketing jargon, this commodity what story to tell? The car sports car beginning design, the GT-R on clutching competitors and hold chasing supercar production, the strongest performance PORSCH E997 hot pursuit. Continue reading

How luxury goods use digital banner marketing to promote their brand

Who says fine traditional and conservative? Boutique Hotel Four Seasons in each half of the marketing budget are used in digital, they have a unique approach? Tiffany & Co is known as the most use of digital jewelry brand, what is worth learning strategies?

Boutique industry outset to communicate on the network and the customer, sell boutique fact, little interest. The reason is simple, the industry believes that the Internet is one regardless of age, gender and open space, and they only need to lock the top-off layer, merchandise information does not need to be open to all.

With the Internet’s rapid development, more and more people buy goods, will be studied through internet search, even on the evaluation of the Community website to see friends. The research institutions Affluence Collaborative Statistics in the United States, 57% of the financial best group of people interested in digital technology, new tools, but only 18% of the general masses. And has the financial strength of the masses, with 72% of active users of Facebook. Have begun to change the behavior patterns of the target customers, the the boutique industry seems to have to make adjustments. Continue reading

Multiny exploring new dimension for social media promotion

In April 2011, a group of unnamed rebels in the international advertising industry just around the corner, not only 45 companies recruiting in 22 countries around the world, and absorb the 2,500 Patriots, raised $ 350 million (approximately NT $ 10.12 billion yuan) huge gold source , then also set up a secret organization called “International rebel agents” (Mutiny Worldwide Agency). All the action looks like the troubled times of the Prelude, as if to set off a reign of terror in the advertising industry.

This is a digital Agents Association SoDA (Society of Digital Agencies) April 1 April Fool’s joke, hoping through provocative slogans, on the one hand, the industry saw this group of both creative and with new technology Digital momentum should not be underestimated; the other hand, want to build leading digital agency and production company operators, through education, communication, establish a standard, to enhance the overall industry environment.

Digital rebels how to face the killing fields?

Although just an April Fool’s joke, but the name of the “rebel agents” are not groundless, to declare war on traditional advertising agencies also quite mean. The reason is not hard to understand digital marketing in the past few years in the minds of advertisers, higher and higher, but smaller, and the lack of resources of the Group’s digital marketing company, and often can only be reduced to the hands and feet of the advertising company, picking up some of the leftovers. Unbalanced market reality, probably some young aspiring digital operators, can not wait when the rebels of the advertising industry, to overthrow those creative step backward, and the growing influence of traditional advertising company, he became the owner. Continue reading

Present situation of development of Banner Stand printing machines

According to sources of technology, Banner Stand printing equipment available on the market can be divided into the following four categories.

1, Banner Stand printing machine – come by the Copier technology and Banner Stand technology development
(1) typical
: Toshiba, Konica, Ricoh, Canon, Xerox, Aussy, etc. Such devices generally include three parts: scanning part, laser printing and folding the binding part. Its function is more comprehensive, you can scan, copy, print, and digital publishing.
This type of equipment is multifunctional Banner Stands printing system, is a Banner Stand printing category, by the previous single output device into a Banner Stand input, output, one of the devices. Continue reading