B2B online marketing channel is becoming more effective than Trade Show

A small pen, but it can be a small and medium-sized enterprises, creating a nearly billion annually NT export revenue! Wen Ming Industrial Co., was established in 1995, professional design and manufacture of the first to introduce the “multi-function pen exporters, has also multifunctional pen as the main products for export. In recent years, combined with the trend of 3C products, plus the touch, laser, LED, USB, wireless, optical and other marketing in Europe and the United States, has more than hundreds of customers.

Like Wen Ming Industrial latest products, combined with the LED, touch, laser reset “six” (re-set) function pin, as well as the red and blue pen multifunction pen, launched after they deep welcomed by the U.S. and European markets. In addition, include a variety of stylus, laser pointer, presentations, pen, LED light pen, the pen of the mobile phone, flash drive pen, LED keychain, all kinds of ball pens, mechanical pencils, ball pens, pens and pen group gift box are is a product of their own R & D and manufacturing. Continue reading