Heath drinks low cost retractable banner stand promotional strategy

Fast growing sports drinks, the Suntory DAKARA backward brand, how unique brand positioning success to enter the America market, DAKARA opportunity to become market leader with a low cost retractable banner stand promotional strategy?

In the past few years, with the rise of health consciousness of the people of America, not only ignited the fashion movement, also led to the growth of sports drinks. Sports drinks in America’s beverage market size of about 400 million, accounting for 10% to about 40 billion, although the size of the market can not be mentioned in the same breath and tea drinks, but the potential for, after the potential good, also caused a number of brands strive, emerging brands still continue to get into the market.

Stay in America, the concept of sports drinks, when to add water and electrolytes, Suntory in Japan in July 2000, for a commercially available sodium too many drinks, not suitable for post-exercise supplement to launch DAKARA supply + purifying beverages emphasis on “zero sodium, low-calorie, excluding excess body fat, sodium and calories while helping to achieve the balance of the body.

Therefore, + purifying beverages DAKARA recharge quickly welcomed by consumers in the highly competitive beverage market in Japan, in 2007, a record 20 million boxes sold. Annual revenue of 67.2 billion yen (about 19.2 billion yuan NT ).

Needs, create value

Suntory America fancy about 30-40 years old, white-collar workers, increasing emphasis on health, plus sports rage, as well as increased demand for sports drinks, immediate introduction of Japan highly popular DAKARA of 2007, new packaging, new After the state functional sports drink for the demands of chain stores try to sell nearly a year, with a market share of hot pursuit in Shupao, Pocari Sweat, the black pine FIN after; fully grasp the consumer tests after a year of investigation, in line with psychological needs of consumers in America, for the environment and consumers can accept the price, the same taste and production standards to Japan, looking for the America factory OEM, lower product prices, was officially listed in April 2008.

DAKARA this backward brand how this powerful enemy looking around the market, and strive to upstream, fight for the chance of success, 22 October brains club invited America Suntory Planning Department Vice Minister Wu Huiping, with guests sharing a Suntory selling beverage production CCLemon and DAKARA, success course to enter the America market. Because brand management CCLemon of, “the Fahrenheit drink CCLemon good sharp! Article in depth discussions, the article only DAKARA how the use of a unique retractable banner stand marketing techniques to grab market share, and Wu Huiping the operating brand marketing experience and brains readers.

Emphasis on function, supply purification

In the summer of 2008, a full heat of the TV ads and retractable banner stands promotion to attract the attention of many consumers: a group of energetic young people, with the brisk rhythm of jumping rope, carefree jumping rope, playing smooth rhythm, people can not help but want to follow moves; they drink DAKARA, sounded the same: “no sodium DAKARA small lift a DAKARA! happy Move DAKARA! Low card!” lighthearted songs, DAKARA strong play tastes better, without the burden of the brand image, sodium content and other sports drinks are more brands to make segmentation cause a burden on the kidneys.

Plus 7-11, family, and discount stores, retractable banner stand full distribution in rapid growth immediately makes DAKARA sales since 2008, DAKARA in America sales of about 28 million boxes (580ml/24 bottle for a box of dollars ), leapt at the convenience store ranking 3rd after Shupao, Pocari Sweat, the sports drink market for America’s annual sales of about 18 million boxes (24 bottles / 600ml), drops a bomb. DAKARA expected 2008 sales target of 300,000 boxes and look forward to growing year by year, catching up with leading brands.

Packaging lovable, demands precise

A successful brand, in addition to bother in the marketing business, strong retractable banner stands marketing behind the support of the powerful force of merchandise, is also a critical factor.

Goods concept of DAKARA can be discharged modern people often excessive consumption of fat, calories, sodium, and added vulnerable to lack of calcium, magnesium and dietary fiber demands to cleanse both the concept of competitiveness, coupled with supply + purifying beverages functional sports drink brand positioning and Hearts Logo brand identification of LifePartner and healthy light exercise and dynamic brand tonality, immediately attracted the attention of the many consumers regular exercise.

In beverage packaging by white background, emphasizing the sense of product purity, red love pattern, increase consumers peace of mind degrees, on the one hand, a high degree of brand recognition, new packaging, new demands, the first year for the introduction of two lively the advertising movie skipping articles (April), treadmill articles (July), retractable banner stand advertising amount invested $ 3,000 million, launched in July, “DAKARA purification UP combat activities, accumulated a 61% brand awareness, while 41% are interested in drink, 22 percent of consumers have been quite brand preference. Nearly 20% market share, is the market share of the second, the first goal.