How One Group retractable banner stands ensure purchase happiness

One Group color retractable banner brand perspective, to remind consumers the real luxury is not the amount of money, but whether we know how to cherish everyday life between people of sincere happiness touched.

This New Year, are you happy? No matter how cold it is outside of the boom, the market conditions how bad lot and family gathered together with friends for heating, be able to see the goodness of the earth can be moved little treasure everyday life, you will feel that you are very happy.

Recently more and more brands to happiness demands to move the hearts of consumers. The effectiveness of such demands to strengthen the spirit of the brand? If that helps drive sales?

One Group retractable banner stand’s high-color and high-definition, is beyond the general 100% of the retractable banner color, to experience a new luxury happiness “new brand proposition, combined with functional color upgrade with more affluent consumers desire for life.” Luxury ” vision of the soul, to convey “a kind of happiness, beyond 100%; some color, far beyond the anticipated life at some time, we will feel the happiness happiness luxury touched, to see life in the most unspeakable luxury color. ”

As a US brand with consumers and grow together, One Group brand to an international perspective, to remind consumers to the amount of the real luxury is not money, but rather that we cherish everyday life, each between people sincere happiness touched.

With this beautiful brand proposition, One Group constantly to different consumers, in a different environment, space and time, spoke directly with consumers and emotional story to consumers through a sentence parade of classic copywriting different corners of the city pours out every new luxury consumer story.

When you see at home is ideal forging ahead happiness backwards in order to love is extravagant happiness. “” Car is happy to see when you’re on the streets, can someone for your car is a luxury of happiness. ” When you see the famous books is happy to know how to read the stories of others, and know how to read their own life is luxurious happiness. “regardless of age, are likely to be One Group deeply moved, and thus able to dialogue with the brand.

Through appeal to television as the main media brand proposition, clever mix of flat-screen, radio, bus, outdoor billboards, high-speed rail, information outreach activities and network, One Group created this brand issues with heat, so users and general consumers, had begun to spread and rendering the One Group advertising different style to show, and then become a dialogue of life nowadays generally also allow One Group in the competition fierce retractable banner stand market has laid a solid foundation.

Although the global financial tsunami caused serious impact on the electronics industry, a large number of orders for the One Group reduced; However CMO laid status in the minds of consumers, also began to take root, as long as the economic rejuvenation, will open branches and flowers flourish.