How sports car promote new product without banner stands

PS3 video games with NISSAN sports car, the main commodities of the other new products to each other, to be a rare case in the marketing sector. Performance of the sports car, designed to publicity, and both an eye-opener.

“If you see the GT-R’s advertising in a banner stand or on television, it would be regarded as failure!” The new French nationality CEO Carlos Ghosn took over in 2001, the Japanese Nissan (NISSAN) car, its many years of not facelift GT-R supercar developed product line re-start, and internal project meetings, issued such a directive.

For advertising, marketing personnel, the command is so simple, yet so difficult. This is not that creative vitality of these “professionals” suddenly troubled trip usually good at media use, and start all over again to sell super sports car.

Having said that, this GT-R sports car to what he is selling point? In marketing jargon, this commodity what story to tell? The car sports car beginning design, the GT-R on clutching competitors and hold chasing supercar production, the strongest performance PORSCH E997 hot pursuit.

Performance not let go and “Fun” is the design focus

Car appearance, Carlos Ghosn stressed one to adhere to, and that is to adopt the a traditional Skyline GT-R sports car has always used a circular taillights. From the international levy Figure from hundreds of design finally selected a modified finalized, new car appearance in addition to the traditional large circular taillights also emphasizes elegance, strength and modern.

Most worth pondering is the GT-R chief designer Shiro Nakamura, said: “The appearance of this car sports car inspired from Japanese comics often appear large robot.” Inspired by the robot, let design starting point, with other sports car design a very different creature, “fun” feeling wells.

More important, previously sold only in Japan GT – R sports car, Carlos Ghosn intend to further this inherited from Skyline car, independent Japan developed new ultra running, push to the world’s top ultra-running on the altar. The strength of this product is absolutely among the world-class super-race of eligibility, but not in commercials, on banner stands, devoting himself developed ultra-Level performance to be communicated to the target consumer?

In fact, the GT-R’s marketing staff is not worried, and performance data is simply not ready to focus on marketing, and this can be seen from the marketing channels they choose.

Play a new marketing with Combined electric, cartoons, documentaries that do not need traditional banner stand to promote.

NISSAN got a PlayStation video game console developers multitone Corporation, to assist in the research and development of the GT-R’s cockpit design, by the well-known video game developed designer Yamauchi Kazunori led the team, involved in the development of the the MFM multi-function computer monitor (Multi Function Meter), visual interface design concept of the video game racing into the GT-R directly in a true sports car.

“This is our real ace!” Video game R & D staff pointed out. PS3 with NISSAN fish to help water, water to help the fish, the main commodities of the other new products to each other, are also considered rare in the marketing sector. MFM monitor new development can be directly set by the driver, 6 kinds of display monitor any change completely the same, with the newly developed “romantic sports car journey 5 Prologue” (GranTurismo 5 Prologue) Games. New development out of the game is the first to market in the Tokyo Motor Show in October 2007, hit the headlines.

Breaking the stereotype of the traditional sports car design, this NISSAN supercar based “fun” as a starting point, the driving environment to the point of view of the game design, GT-R driver feel like being in a virtual game being so open.

As with the previous best-selling comic book, “Initial D, NISSAN Please Press planning a series of comic books, the theme of the GT-R, the” deification “of this classic sports car is expected after the publication will lead to a new wave of topic further enhance this EGL God of War “in the status of the fans in mind.

NISSAN Hollywood studios approached, with the United States to plan the design of this sports car for the protagonist of a film, to strengthen the consumer the impression that generous product placement.

More surprising NISSAN also shoot videos and National Geographic Channel (National Geographic, NGC) cooperation, so that supercars development plan in order to be kept confidential, the risk of leakage of trade secrets by NGC photographer records from the GT- R’s design thoughts, development and testing, to set strategies listed trafficking, even a CEO Carlos Ghosn personally test all blue in the face.

At the 2001 Tokyo Motor Show as a concept car to meet briefly with the world’s NISSAN GT-R, low body, exaggerated wheel arches, leaving to the imagination, but it was not until the end of the press conference, is the real fans insight into the GT-R.

Synchronous press conference reverse operation topic

Reporters will be taken to Tokyo, Germany, network 3 is held at the same time. In the famous “green hell” on the German Nürburgring North track, PORSCHE GT-R commenced 20 kilometers to compete with the simulcast of the lens, the field of network and Tokyo Reporter huge screen simulcast.

After seven minutes of intense play, all the way backward GT-R in the last one out of the corners, the left rear more than the car to win the race distance of two body, the screen returns to Tokyo, hundreds of Chinese and foreign reporters burst into applause, GT-R from the right of the press conference stage slowly introduced, along with the dry ice spray, public media flash after another, and instantly infuses the atmosphere to the highest point.

Online simulcast on the screen, the sports car was originally covered with a black cloth is also a burst of wind blowing after Removing, the glittering sports car to show off brilliant, so users at the same time to pay tribute to the car the latest supercar.

Sure enough, to PORSCHE half the price, surpasses the achievements of the the PORSCHE quick second, this topic of speculation, favored by the international news media, to become a major event in the motor racing.

Things are not over yet. The original day of the press conference Nürburgring North Circuit just under the rain, the former F1 racer is responsible for testing NISAAN chief test driver Toshio Suzuki believes that there were several cornering dodge stagnant water, the speed is less than perfect, therefore, decided to invite the international media reporter re-witness the unprecedented achievement of results a record of 7 minutes and 29 seconds better than the previous record holder PORSCHE 997 7 minutes and 30 seconds, most of the production car speed record, get media reported sharply again.

Not eat dark loss PORSCHE counterattack, counterattack is not the final the PORSCHE only to the press release, questioned NISSAN non-commercially available tire testing irregularities. Video screen doubts this point also expected NISSAN team, immediately announced the testing process, including commercially available tires replaceable process

Again win the propaganda war. Break the slump GT-R is still sought-after

Publicity, no matter how powerful, and finally pinpointing sales figures. Starting from January 2008, two of the most important in North America, the European market in the international pre-sales, has orders for more than 4,000 vehicles, delivery of the vehicle at the end of last year.

The 2008 quota of 30, as promised the new car price to the PORSCHE 997 NT $ 1,000 million fold, receiving 4.9 million price listed, opened to sell in the end of October last year they were sold out, and the first quarter of this year to start delivery of the vehicle, the fiery situation Yulon Nissan company responsible for the sales orders for 2009 had temporarily ordered a halt, and even the Japanese mainland quota of 200, has also long been a pin empty, we can imagine, through traditional banner stands marketing, or allow automobile market performance bucked the trend. Ho Hao Yi now for free text workers.

Note: product design behind from the outset, on rack their brains

The start, competitors set by the GT-R is the mass production the most supercar performance PORSCHE 997 It also highlights the great ambitions. After careful consideration, the design team decided to abandon the previous generation of the Skyline series, No. R-34 GT-R officially retired. The new GT-R from the native species, degenerated into a thoroughbred sports car individually designed, development costs more than expected for several times.

Design code for the performance requirements of the GT-R R-35’s new ultra-running, clutching opponents PORSCHE 997 developed a new sports car chassis, redesigned V6 twin-turbo engine, the newly developed double-clutch shift system speed, plus 0.27 of ultra-low-drag appearance, the GT-R acceleration performance (0-100 km per hour) in 3.6 seconds or less, become an extremely

Speed up to 310 km of the beast. People is not difficult to see that the industry think that the most fundamental source of marketing, is still the competitiveness of the product itself.